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26 Mar, 2018Web, Design

The "website" discussed in this article mainly refers to Landing Page or similar websites composed of static web pages, and does not include complex websites such as management systems, social media, community forums, and blogs. "Building" mainly refers to making interface prototypes, or making page static resources, and does not include subsequent processes such as configuring domain names and deploying websites.

Builder / template class

Froala Design Blocks: Website generator, which is scheduled to select combinations in modules. The content cannot be edited directly, but you can download the generated HTML and edit it yourself. It is free and open source ( GitHub address).

launchaco: The website generator provides many functional modules, and users can visually edit text, format, background pictures, etc. The price is $49.99 USD per year.

Landen: Website generator, the style is very in line with the design trend of 2018, the free version requires a small icon, and the source code can be downloaded for $49.

Startup Framework 2.0: A website generator that splits existing templates into components, and users can freely combine them. The price is $249 USD. The development team designmodo is also the creator of Flat UI.

OnepageStudio: Website builder, which also selects components from templates and freely combines them. The price is $16.

Strikingly: Online website editor, the website generated by the free version can only be placed under the domain name of, the paid version is $20 a month, it is not clear whether the paid version Download site. This company team is in Shanghai, and its domestic business is

One Page Love: template library, most of the styles are relatively modern, and some are quoted from other template libraries.

Bootstrap Themes: Template library, official Bootstrap product, first-class quality.

ThemeForest: The template library is large in quantity and cheap, but the quality is uneven, so you need to choose by yourself. The templates here are generally multi-page websites, unlike the above ones, which are mostly Landing Pages.

ManyPixels: Design outsourcing team, $259 USD per month.

Website Collection

Pixels: Landing Page collection, each one gives the link address and color scheme. A collection of web page designs, divided into selections by producers and contributions by users.

DesignMunk: Landing Page collection, classified by industry.

Landingfolio: Landing Page collection, classified by industry and functional modules.

Inspiration UI: A collection of web design, classified by functional modules.

Really Good UX: In view of some design details of popular websites and apps on the market, there are text explaining the goodness of their UX design.

Design inspiration

Dribbble: The GitHub of the design world, the richest and most first-hand design draft resources.

Behance: Adobe's design sharing community, which has a similar status to Dribbble, is mainly design drafts, and has more classification and screening functions.

UpLabs: There are design drafts from websites such as Dribbble and Behance, as well as runnable code snippets, and actual websites. In addition to the Web, it also includes UI design resources for Android and iOS.

Collect UI: UI design drafts manually selected from Dribbble, which can be viewed according to different pages or functions.

Picture library

Unsplash: More than 300,000 high-quality high-resolution photo galleries, free download, free use (including commercial use), no additional authorization /license), no need to declare the author.

Pexels: There are more than 40,000 galleries, and 3,000 new ones are added every month, and they are manually selected from other galleries, [CC0](https://creativecommons. org/share-your-work/public-domain/cc0/) permission, that is, no copyright is reserved, and it can be used for commercial purposes without the need to declare the author.

Pixabay: There are more than 1.3 million photo galleries. Like the above, they are also CC0 copyright-free, no need to declare the author.

Graphics library

unDraw: There are more than 170 high-quality and uniform vector graphics (SVG format), theme colors can be set, free and open source, MIT license.

Streamline UX: A total of more than 3000 vector graphics, three styles, 45 categories, multiple file formats, and a total price of $199.

Kameleon: A total of 1500 flat style vector icons, two color schemes, 10 color combinations, and a total price of $97 USD.

300 UI UX illustrations: 300 uniform blue vector graphics, the price is $59 US dollars, there are also more than 30,000 icons The total price of the collection is $99.

iStock: Getty Images's graphics library, the style is not uniform, you can buy a single (expensive), or you can subscribe.

Icon Library

illustrio: More than 5000 single series of icons, color schemes can be specified, 15 styles, free to use.

to [icon]: 20 series, thousands of icons, all free to use, CC authorized, need to declare the author.

IconStore: A collection of icon sets of different styles from different designers (but each has only ten or twenty icons), free to use, no need to declare the author.

Streamline Icons: 5000 thin line icons conforming to iOS 10 style, the complete collection is $97 USD.

Nova: 4000 Material Design style icons, the complete collection is $127 USD.

Ego: 3600 angular icons, optional lines and two-color print styles, the complete collection is $127. The above three icon libraries are all from the designer @webalys.

Noun Project: More than one million icons from different designers, free to use only in black and white, and the author needs to be declared by CC authorization, the paid version can change the color, and there is no need to declare the copyright , The paid version is priced at $9.99 per month.

Iconscout: There are more than 830,000 icons in total. You can buy icons individually, or you can buy icon sets, there are also large collections, and monthly subscriptions.

FlatIcon: More than 750,000 various icons. Premium icons can be purchased separately or subscribed for $9.99 per month.

Icon8: More than 60,000 icons, 7 styles, $19.9 USD per month.

Roundicons: As mentioned in the previous graphic library, there are more than 30,000 icons, 17 icon sets, and graphic sets, with a total price of $99.

Nucleoapp: More than 20,000 icons, three styles, $99 USD.

IcoMoon: More than 5500 free icons and more than 4000 paid icons.

Font Awesome: One of the most well-known icon libraries. It is integrated by default in CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI, so it has always been popular. Nearly 900 free icons and 1,700 paid icons.

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