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14 Sep, 2015Atom

With the release of Atom 1.0, I feel that the performance has been greatly optimized, and it is completely acceptable compared to the 0.x version. Moreover, the sidebar git status color and the integration with GitHub Desktop have always been features that cannot be matched by editors such as Sublime Text.

Recently, I uninstalled the original version on the official website and re-downloaded many third-party plug-in packages, which can basically achieve most of the functions of ST3. Below is a list of the installed packages, and you can click the link to see the specific effects.


  • file-icon: File icons in the sidebar. Different icons are displayed according to the file type. Most files are supported
  • highlight-selected: As in ST, frame the text selected by double-clicking and frame the same text in the entire file
  • html2haml: Convert HTML to HAML
  • japanese-wrap: Soft wrap is enabled in the settings, but Chinese is not supported. If a line of text is too Chinese, it will not be displayed on the right, use this Plug-in is fine, although it is Japanese but Chinese is also supported
  • language-gitignore: highlight .gitignore files
  • language-haml: highlight haml file
  • lines: Multi-line quick sort operation, based on the official plug-in sort-lines, expanded Reverse, unique and other functions, shortcut key F5 or use Cmd+Shift+P to enter sort
  • markdown-writer: Magical Markdown writing, quick formatting, adding pictures, etc.
  • minimap-highlight-selected: Use highlight-selected for the best edible effect. The minimap on the right shows the same text as the selected part
  • mixed-indent-warning: files with different indentation formats will be improved, suitable for indentation-sensitive language source files such as ruby

To be continued...

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