New blog theme applied

13 Feb, 2015Jekyll, GitHub

Finally cut to the new theme, jekyll has also been upgraded to 3.x

Source address:, you can also click the GitHub icon in the upper right corner to jump

The main part of the theme is based on end2end, and the article content style refers to Kiko

Adjust and optimize the display effect of mobile devices: hide the GitHub icon and some sharing icons in the upper right corner when the screen is small, and adjust the font of the code block

Use the multimedia adaptation favicon generated by Real Favicon Generator and the WeChat sharing icon (add hidden pictures larger than 290 px in the page)

Adjust the display effect of the multi-line code block in the case of setting the line number, the effect is below

Add sticky posts, method reference: Jekyll: Making Posts Sticky

Added support for IE 9 and below browser layout, but a reminder to upgrade the browser is displayed at the top of the page

The whole site HTTPS is enabled by setting enforce_ssl: in _config.yml, and adding judgment code in the header of the page:

var host = "{{ site.enforce_ssl }}";
if ((host == && (window.location.protocol != "https:"))
  window.location.protocol = "https";

Change the domain name back to to prevent your domain from being blocked, and you can also use to set a short URL for your blog

The personal social media icon at the bottom comes from the SVG on the Internet and has been adjusted to a unified style, plus the color of the website

The bottom of the article details page uses the CC-BY SVG icon and share.js as the share to social media icon

The background uses GPlay made by Dimitrie Hoekstra. More background patterns can be found in [Subtle Patterns](http:// found on


  • Improved About, Tags, Wikis pages
  • License file and About page plus the copyright information of the third-party content cited
  • Refer to onepice, Neo-HPSTR, Scribble, dbyll and other topics to add tag pages to the blog, switch between previous and subsequent articles, author information, focus map, back to top And other functions

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