The better unzipper apps on Mac OS

29 Aug, 2015Mac

BetterZip is getting worse and worse now. Chinese characters are garbled, and more than half of the compressed packages are broken when opened, and they crash inexplicably.

The Unarchiver is not bad, free, most of them support, and support Chinese, but some files are still easy to crash.

The final perfect solution: The Archive Browser Based on The Unarchiver, you can browse the contents of compressed files. After testing, even the compressed files that The Unarchiver will crash are supported, not to mention the Chinese-containing compressed files compressed under Windows. It supports zip, rar, 7z and many other file types. The genuine price is RMB 25, which is the conscience of the Mac software industry.

Update 08.15 I did not notice that the subject is mainly used for compression, but unfortunately The Archive Browser does not have a compression function. To this end, I specially tried several compression software under Mac: BetterZip 3, Keka, Entropy, and the Archive Utility that comes with the system (that is, the Compress option by right-clicking directly), and found that the file name under Mac contains Chinese files after compression Decompression under Windows all died, all garbled. Therefore, there is no good solution to compress garbled codes. The alternative is to keep the file names in English and use the built-in right-click compression. In addition, Keka supports setting compression without the __MACOSX folder.

Update 08.29 I saw someone recommend iPack, the price is also ¥25, with compression and decompression function. Since there is no trial version, I went to buy the test, but it was still disappointing. The decompression function did not test garbled characters, but the interactive design is still far behind The Archive Browser; the compression function still cannot solve the problem of Chinese garbled characters, so it is not recommended.

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