An excellent mouse assistant software on MacOS

20 Jan, 2015Mac

Using the native Magic Mouse under MacOS can’t achieve the middle-click function of the mouse. If you buy a Logitech mouse, you can only support the standard three buttons. The left and right switching of the four-way scroll wheel does not work under Mac, and the official Mac driver cannot recognize the mouse at all. Until I know BetterTouchTool This software. It can be downloaded and used for free on the official website. The function is very powerful. It can be used for Magic Mouse, external touchpad (TrackPads), external keyboard, Apple remote control, ordinary mouse, iPhone Wait for the buttons of the device to be personalized.

Set the middle mouse button click for Magic Mouse

My setting is that the single-finger tap event and the two-finger tap event are bound to the middle mouse button click (click)

Ordinary mouse four-way scroll wheel to switch the full screen window left and right

My setting is to bind the left and right click events of the four-way scroll wheel to the control key of the keyboard plus the left and right arrow keys.

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